Marriage Mindfullness

All too often, as moms we get so busy with caring for the little ones that we tend to put a lid on our “pot of marriage” and stick it on the backburner and let it simmer.

The trouble with that is that as with cooking, you never know there is a problem until the pot is boiling over making a big huge mess.

Unfortunately it has become socially acceptable to do this as the children are growing, and all too often, empty nesters find themselves living with strangers, or even worse, already divorced by the time the kids grow up and move out.

Your relationship with the person you loved enough to create a life with deserves marriage mindfulness, just as much as you and your children deserve it.

When the foundation of a family is solid (the parents) the family house can weather the strongest of storms life will throw at it.

Though I am not perfect at marriage mindfulness, I’d like to think that I have a good idea on how to create marriage mindfulness after 8 years of marriage. After everything we have been through in 8 years and going, I must be doing something right to still be happily married.

My husband and I have been through a lot in 8 years, from a rocky road at the beginning due to emotional baggage I was carrying over with me from a previous marriage at a young age, to the early birth of a child unassisted, my husband developing a illness that has rendered him physically disabled, the birth of a second child, 3 large serious moves about the country, and starting a family business together. All HUGE stressors that can cause a marriage pot to boil over if the pot is not being stirred and watched carefully.

You, too can have marriage mindfulness in your relationship.

Please have a look at the CleanLove Philosophy to the left and start putting some mindfulness back into your marriage.

Blessings to you and your sweetheart,


Wife and Best Friend to my "Mr. Incrediable".

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